Aputure Amaran AL-HR672W CRI95+ LED Video Light Source

Aputure Amaran AL-HR672W CRI95+ LED Video Light Source

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Kaubamärk Aputure
Täiendav info Mõõtmed: 23.5 x 19 x 3.2 cm. Kaal: 585 g
Aputure Amaran AL-HR672W CRI95+ LED Video Light Source
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The Amaran Aputure AL-HR672W is the new generation of CRI95 + LED panel. CRI95 + provides maximum white light zoom LED (these lights won't be purple or greenish tone). Make your life easier because it gives much better results reporting and allows you to avoid complicated color correction in postprocessing.

Panel equipped with 672 LED diodes, but it`s size does not exceed the first generation of the iPad, it's a great power in a compact size. Never stay without light only because there`s no place for large and heavy bag.

This panel has a wide angle 25° beam. Very handy to use in tight places where`s not much room to compromise.
The set includes a remote control (3 groups, each for a maximum of 4 lights). It`s possible to adjust one or more panels, color temperature and power remotely. This is particularly useful in cases where`s difficult to access already installed light, to adjust it. Light, for example, possible to place high above the object, and each time dont need ladders to change power. So you can achieve the highest quality and interesting results faster and easier.`

The Amaran Aputure LED panel is equipped with both: battery and the power adapter for operation of the network. This allows the light source to easily use it outdoor and inside, changing the power. In addition, the battery charging is not necessary for the extra charger, they are charged, as long as the LED panel is connected to the network. Avoid situations where you forget your charger, you remain without light.

The Amaran Aputure AL-HR672W is supplied with abundant, in addition, the set includes a 2 NP-F970 batteries:

  • 1 x Aputure Amaran HR672C LED by AL-light
  • 1 x diffuse filter and orange filter (3200K)
  • 1 x remote control (up to 100 m)
  • 1 x light Mounting on a stand for the strengthening of
  • 1 x power supply unit for the operation of the network (also serves as a charger)
  • 2 x NP-F970 series batteries

  • Color temperature: 5500 k (3200K with orange filter)
  • Light 0.5 m @: 7300 LUX
  • Light: LUX @ 1 m 2080
  • Power: 45W
  • Light beam angle: 25°
  • Power: DC15V
  • Life expectancy: ≥ 100'000 hours
  • Cooling: Passive (no fan)
  • Wireless remote control frequency: 2.4 ghz
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 19 x 3.2 cm
  • Weight: 585 g
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