Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer 10ml 747

Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer 10ml 747

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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Küünelakid
Kaubamärk Artdeco
Maht 10 ml
Värvi nimi English Rosee
Värvi kood 747a
Täiendav info Kuivab kiiresti. Annab suurepärase läike. Neelab ultraviolettkiirguse. Intensiivse tooniga.
Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer
Tootekirjeldus inglise keeles:

ARTDECO presents an absolute novelty – the Art Couture Nail Lacquer, a high-tech nail varnish in the modern bottle designed exclusively for ARTDECO and a specially developed perfect coat brush. All components of the nail varnish are perfectly matched and together form a complete unit. From the timeless elegance of the design and the dreamy sense of colour to the innovative texture and the technical precision of the brush the Art Couture Nail Lacquer is right up-to-date.

The precisely balanced texture allows a fantastic variety of glamorous colours and effects with a perfect blend of 2 different resins. For a touch of couture all the way to the fingertips the super vinyl gloss formula gives the nail varnish a long-lasting, brilliant shine and uses a high pigment content for optimal covering. The texture contains an UV-absorber which protects the fingernails from fading and yellowing. One or two applications of the Art Couture Nail Lacquer is sufficient to achieve a perfect opacity. Thanks to the highly effective gel-based film formers the nail varnish dries quickly. At the same time, the nail varnish nurtures with its active ingredients such as an amino peptide, vitamins A, C and E and panthenol. Also new is the ergonomic sealing cap. It is safe and non-slip in the hand and allows colour to be applied. A rapid, extremely precise application is guaranteed thanks to the specially developed, high-quality brush. The unique, patented sealing system prevents the nail varnish from drying out and ensures a long-lasting smooth texture.

First apply a base coat (e.g. Base Coat). Just let it dry! Then apply the nail varnish in one or two layers depending on the desired colour intensity.
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