DJI Ronin-SC Pro Gimbal Stabilizer For Mirrorless Cameras

DJI Ronin-SC Pro Gimbal Stabilizer For Mirrorless Cameras

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508,00 / tk
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Features and Highlights

From a lightweight and portable design to superior stabilization, discover some of best features of Ronin-SC below.

Lightweight and Compact

Magnesium alloys are combined with high-strength composite materials to ensure a robust performance at just 1.1kg. Ronin-SC features a modular design and can be packed and carried neatly in a backpack. A lightweight design also reduces user fatigue associated with prolonged filming sessions.

Simple & Quick Setup

Ronin-SC features axis locks that provide faster set up and balancing. For quick shooting scenarios, the Quick-Release Plate has a positioning block that allows users to take advantage of pre-configured mounting positions. After balancing, the positioning block ensures that you can take off the camera whenever you need, then put it back on the gimbal in the same, perfectly balanced position.

Extended Compatibility

With a tested payload of 2.0kg, Ronin-SC has a wide range of camera and lens compatibility, offering users more creative freedom. While meeting strict performance measures, this handheld gimbal produces smooth footage with a wide range of camera and lens setups.

Superior Stability

Wherever the action takes you, Ronin-SC empowers you to shoot stable footage with ease. Turn up the pace a notch and capture fast-flowing twists, turns, and creative transitions with Sport mode. It's excellent handheld stabilization also opens up the potential for stunning long-exposure photography and timelapse content.

Intelligent Functions

Ronin-SC also features an impressive selection of advanced functions that help users capture unique footage.

ActiveTrack 3.0  

ActiveTrack technology has been incorporated into Ronin-SC, which helps you maintain a steady shot of your subject. Using the Ronin-SC Phone Holder​, a smartphone attached above the camera is used with the Ronin app and Ronin-SC to capture precise gimbal movements. Users can use ActiveTrack 3.0 to quickly select, track, and maintain a composed shot of their subject.


3D Roll 360

The yaw axis can be rotated freely when the camera is being moved, providing filmmakers with unique ways to create footage.


This feature on Ronin-SC lets you control the size of your panorama, using the Ronin app to automatically determine the picture and gimbal sequences. Users then can combine the images in post editing to achieve a smooth panorama shot.


Thanks to superior stabilization and intelligent algorithms, users can capture beautiful passages of time with ease.


Motionlapse lets you control the gimbal movement when you take a timelapse, adding a creative dynamic element to your footage.

Motion Control  

Users can create an exact camera movement path that Ronin-SC will repeat to make identical frames for different types of shots.

Force Mobile

Force Mobile gives you the ability to control the Ronin-SC by tilting and rotating your smartphone, delivering and expressive shot with an instinctive feel.*

* Currently only available for iOS.

Ronin App

The Ronin app has an improved layout and offers a seamless user experience. Featuring quick access to pre-configurations, a camera balancing guide, and useful tutorials, the Ronin app sets filmmakers free. Users can save three customized settings in the Ronin app, which can be quickly and easily accessed using the M button.

Ronin-SC Accessories

For even more creative options, an exciting lineup of accessories including a Focus Motor, Focus Wheel, and more give users the filmmaking tools to push their content even further.

DJI Care Refresh for Ronin-SC

Now you can capture every creative moment with total peace of mind with DJI Care Refresh for Ronin-SC. Receive up to two replacement units within one year for just a small additional charge. Discover more here.

The Ultimate Gimbal Stabilizer

Ronin-SC is an excellent handheld mirrorless stabilizer for wedding videographers, event videographers, vloggers, indie filmmakers, and anybody that wishes to shoot professional handheld footage. Get this handheld stabilizer now at the DJI Online Store and start your creative adventure today.

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