FeiyuTech WG2 Gimbal

FeiyuTech WG2 Gimbal

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Kaubamärk Feiyutech
Ühilduvad tootjad FeiyuTech, GoPro
Ühilduvad kaameramudelid Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4


FeiyuTech WG2 Gimbal
Tootekirjeldus inglise keeles:

Excellent Waterproof Tech
WG2 improvement design combines with waterproof Tech, which make it be used under water about 0.5m, snorkeling, in rainy day, freshwater surfing and so on.

360° + 360°, Two axis move without limited
Pan and pitch with slip ring motorcyclo motor make it moving 360° without limited.

Knob with Sliding Arm, More Compatiblities
WG2 knob with sliding arm designs make it compatible with several action cameras.and marked the balance position for GoPro HERO 5/HERO 4 and simliar sized camera.

Lost-protection long screws with slide track to fit more camera
The new installation method is safe and convenient,along with the long screws and slide track mark it easy to work with GoPro HERO5,HERO4,Yi 4K and so on.

Time-lapse photography
Time can be shortened by time-lapse photography, and it can record some inconspicuous amazing visions with the function of auto-rotation.

Optimizing anti-shake make you shot more stable video during the motion.

Bottom and back with 1/4 inch screw hole
A 1/4 inch hole was added on the back which make WG2 compatible with more accessories.
The optimized design for wearable makes the install methods of WG2 more flexible,such as vertical,forward and inverted.

APP + bluetooth remote controller
New version Feiyu on/APP come with the function of remote control,parameters setting and fireware update.

WG2 come with exchange mount for GoPro 4/5 Session cameras, you can replace the mount with hand,no need any tools.

Turn the gimbal on/off or switch the mode through different press method as it only with onne button.LED in front can guide you to konw what made it is and if the battery as lower.

A soft protection pad on pan motor to avoid damage when the camera hit the motor in a dealine angel.

WG2 can work for 2.5H during exercise with its built-in lithium battery and the feature of waterproof was improved with the built-in design.Charging with Charger baby via USB cable is supported.

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