Hama Astana Camera Bag 110 Colt Black

Hama Astana Camera Bag 110 Colt Black

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18,80 / tk
18,80 / tk
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Kaubamärk Hama
Värv Must, Punane
Materjal Nailon
Kaal 0.26 kg
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Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

Hama brings you this lightweight and compact case for your bridge or compact systems camera, it is the perfect solution if you're looking for a no-fuss bag, and its well constructed. This case is quite rugged and strong, and provides great protection for your camera. you will find that the inside of this case is lined with soft fleece to ensure your camera doesn't get scratched or marked when you are removing or inserting it in to the case. There top loader section on this case which features a zipper system which allows easy access to your camera to ensure you never miss that important shot.

On the front of the case there is a pocket to store accessories separate from your camera to prevent damage, so ideal for storing items like spare batteries and a lens cleaning cloth.The bag has a fixed carrying handle which is padded to ensure you can always carry your camera in comfort. Ther is also a mesh compartment for memory cards under the lid.The bag comes complete with a fully adjustable and removable shoulder strap, when not in use the strap will easily fit inside the bag.
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