Hama Premium FullMotion TV Wall Bracket 32-65''

Hama Premium FullMotion TV Wall Bracket 32-65''

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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Seinakinnitused
Kaubamärk Hama
Laius 51.6 cm
Paigaldus Seinale
Ekraani diagonaal 32 - 65 "
Pöörlemisnurk 0 - 180 °
Kallutusnurk -2 - 12 °
Maksimaalne kaal 50 kg
VESA standard
Standardsed ühenduse suurused seadme paigaldamiseks erinevatele alustele ja kinnitusseadmetele.
400 x 400
Kaugus seinani 7.4 - 44.4 cm
Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Horisontaalne reguleerimine: 180 °. Sisseehitatud tasemed.


Hama Premium FullMotion TV Wall Bracket 32-65''
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

When buying a TV bracket for your home entertainment centre you should choose a top-of-the-line model like this one brought to you by Hama. The ultra-flat mount with a swivel range of 180° is distinguished by durable materials and perfectly blends in with the design of your flat screen TV.
  • Design version made of high-quality aluminium, sturdy steel and chrome-plated plastic materials
  • Special hinge for easy and fully adjustable orientation of the TV for an optimal viewing angle
  • After the installation the bracket can be oriented horizontally
  • Easy installation in only three steps
  • Cable manager provides organisation and necessary strain relief
  • Spirit level, drilling template, marker pen, dowels and screws for quick and easy mounting of the wall bracket
  • Vibration dampers for the ultimate sound experience

Elegant, high-quality, robust, and chromed: that’s the tune of this premium TV wall bracket. Don’t entrust your high-tech flat-screen to any old wall bracket – put your money on premium.

Our wall mount’s design seamlessly blends in with the design of your TV. The mount unobtrusively emphasises the most important thing – your super-slim television. A super-slim flat-screen TV looks elegant on the wall – and yet, with its quality aluminium, hard-wearing steel and chromed plastic, the wall mount itself is also pleasing to the eye. Most of all, the TV wall mount is designed for robust, sturdy longevity – without letting a bit of it show. It’s not just any wall mount that can manage that. You see, this one’s for all those who want a realistic cinema experience – with a big screen of up to 165 cm.
The chrome, steel and aluminium parts are all vibration-dampened to let you have a full sound experience; they’re just high-quality parts of a high-quality wall bracket, and will never generate any unwanted background noise.
Such elegance with which your TV – wall bracket and all – harmoniously integrates into your living environment obviously requires decent cable management. No need for cable spaghetti. Just thread the cables into the cable manager and you’re done – everything’s in its right place.

1,2,3 – DONE
It takes just three steps to produce the ultimate home cinema experience: Put the wall mount on the wall, put the TV mount on the TV, and then put the two together. And by the way, all installation materials, including premium-quality wall plugs from Fischer, are provided. That’s what premium means!


Swiveling up to 180°
Favourite TV-watching positions are as varied as taste in TV programming. Sometimes you want to watch lying down, and sometimes you want to sit up attentively. This TV wall bracket can be adjusted to suit your posture rather than vice versa. Now you can start a marathon of your favourite series anytime, from any perspective, in complete comfort.
In the case of this TV wall bracket, premium design meets premium handling to make a perfect team. The special joint allows you to steplessly adjust the tilt of your flat-screen TV from +2° to -12° and rotate it by 3° just with a simple movement. Loosen the screw in the long-side holes a bit, and then orient the television horizontally. If the action is too far away, due to the fully articulated scissor arm, you can pull it closer to you, from 7.4 to 44.4 cm from the wall. Two double arms and three joints, each swivelling by up to 180°, afford maximum flexibility and security. The perfect viewing angle from above, below, right, left, close up and far away – you’re in pole position!
Premium design in premium materials for a premium view – why settle for less?
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