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Jõupall NSD Powerball, 250 Hz

Tootekood: 149425

17,57 € / tk
27,89 / tk

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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Käsigüroskoobid (Powerball)
Kaubamärk NSD Powerball
Värv Sinine
Pööret minutis 13000
Rootori jõudlus 250 Hz
Helisignaaliga Jah
Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Kõrgkvaliteetne rootor. Kindel haare. Ideaalne seade kätte treenimiseks!
NSD Powerball Classic 250 Hz
Toode kirjeldus inglise keeles:
NSD Powerball Autostart with meter
Powerball Autostart is a high quality rotor (gyro) that can reach more than 13 000 acc. / Min. speed and power to create around 18 kg.Powerball Autostart is also a "thermo-band", providing good grip and control. Powerball Autostart is very user friendly and it has been created to help recover from sports injuries and to train all the hand - especially in the lower parts lithe arms. It is used by musicians, different sports as a warm-up of instruments and people who have problems with the wrist tendons, as well as computer users (ASA).

What is the PowerBall?
PowerBall has been invented in the United States, under the auspices of NASA to train astronauts in weightlessness condition. As the gravity of space can not be used, then they built the training aid, which instead uses centrifugal force. Along with kinesioterapeitiem they finally created the PowerBall. Because the PowerBall uses centrifugal force, the training level automatically adjusts to the user. Interesting fact: at 10,000 RPM. / MIN. generated force exceeds 15 kilograms!

How does the PowerBall?
Rotor PowerBalls inside rotate about an axis that rotates perpendicular to the axis of rotation PowerBalls core. Imagine a glass of water with ice cubes, which rotates around an imaginary axis. If a circular riņķosiet glass ice cube will begin to move around the imaginary axis of the glass. This movement causes the rotor axis chirping sound that you hear during training. Turning the PowerBall faster the rotor accelerates. A chirping sound encourages cut the ball even faster. For those who like this-edged sound, it would be more appropriate PowerBall Regular. If you like the flashing lights, then it you are looking for is the PowerBall Amber Light (orange) or Blue Light (blue) as they are equipped with light-emitting diodes. The sooner you griezīsiet PowerBall, because they will shine brighter. Try it disco or canteen. Interest to the public is guaranteed! PowerBall works without batteries. It moves only through your muscle strength. 200 grams heavy rotor is built into the core of the PowerBall. Activated it will create momentum around the rotation axis. This can be compared with cycling. The faster you drive, the more stable will feel, and will require more force to change its direction. Rotor-a PowerBall (most of the mass is about 2 cm from the axis) creates this type of stability to the force of inertia of the rotor speed and assistance. The user tries to turn the rotor and its axis, thereby creating centrifugal torque of the rotor. The rotor responds with a motion in the opposite direction in order to maintain balance. The same happens when you roll a tire, if its velocity decreases it will fall to the side, but the speed increase, increase stability, and the tire will roll back straight. These falls will increase, tire losing speed until it falls at too great an angle, the force exerted by the force of gravity can not be beat. This fall the generated power can be greater than expected. At 10,000 rpm power generated 75 times the weight of the rotor!

PowerBall is an extremely effective training aid for increasing muscle strength in the fingers, hands and arms. PowerBall also enhances blood circulation, strengthens muscles and reduces links sport injuries.

Regular training with the Powerball will benefit many sports players. PowerBall is an invaluable assistant sports requiring a strong grip and good coordination. Advantages The PowerBall is no higher than a tennis ball, so it is easy to transport. It includes jacket pocket or glove box machines. Of course, not a good idea to use the PowerBall while you are at the wheel, but traffic jams or bridge opening during the PowerBall can be a welcome diversion. PowerBall can also be used while walking, watching TV or driving on public transport. Since it can be used almost everywhere and always, it is necessary to quite a bit of time to improve your skills. Almost anyone can train with the PowerBall irrespective of age or physical fitness levels.

The balance of the rotor is determined with a precision of computer hundredth of a millimeter (or 1/256 inch.) This provides the PowerBall an excellent stability. * Surround the ball, silicone rubber band provides a firm grip. PowerBall is made of a durable plastic. The rotor axis is made of stainless steel, so it is virtually unbreakable. * The PowerBall is almost unbreakable. However, dropping the device on a hard floor can cause small rotor defects may lead ticking sound while moving, and may be an imbalance.

Coverage improvement. Hold the PowerBall fingertips. This will trained finger muscles without the risk of overwork. The rotor will automatically reduce speed and resistance will decrease if you reduce your PowerBall circling and its strength. This is a good training for climbers, mountain bikers and pianists.

Exercises for the wrists.
Hold the PowerBall and the strong grip with apļojiet wrist. This is a good coordination exercise. Try to do it in a clockwise direction, and contrary to do the same with the other hand. This can improve wrist lithe after a long period of inactivity, which is connected, for example, with injuries. This is a good exercise for all sports where the wrist is very important: golf, hockey and cycling. It can also bring benefits to Carpal tunnel syndrome patients, as well as help wrist restoration therapy. Balls gentle movements positively affect the treatment process and wrist stability quickly improve.

Exercise forearms.
Try moving the rotor while your forearm is stationary. Now forearm muscles will create a force that is necessary to maintain the PowerBall in motion. You may even be able to observe how your muscles move. PowerBall is the best training tool to improve the forearm muscles.Exercises with the PowerBall is an ideal warm-up before the serious sports. Even after a short time you feel the arm is getting warmer. Regular training with the PowerBall can also help to prevent "Tennis hand".

Exercises for the biceps.
Start moving the PowerBall and hold it as shown. You feel the upper arm muscles strong will. This is a good exercise for sports, which need strong biceps: tennis, rowing, mountaineering, boxing, athletics and fitness.

Exercises for the triceps.
Start the PowerBall, stretch your arm and turn the hands back part of te forward here - back. Feel his triceps! This is a good exercise for sports requiring a strong hand in the upper part of climbing, tennis and rowing.

Exercise shoulders.
Hold your hands on the sides and accelerate the rotor speed. This exercise can reduce shoulder pain. The effect can be felt even in the neck!One thing is necessary for all exercises: to maintain the PowerBall in motion, you feel a ball is. Do not worry if you do not have these feelings at once, with time it will develop.

PowerBall can be used as a training tool for different sports: basketball, bodybuilding, bowling, canoeing, climbing, cricket, scramble, Cyclo-cross, dart throwing, fencing, fitness, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, riding, hockey on ice, judo, karate, carting, korfbols, motor sport, mountain tireņbraukšana, skydiving, lawn bowling, rafting, shotgun shooting, rowing, rugby, sailing, skiing, softball, squash, surfing, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, volleyball , water polo, water skiing, windsurfing, wrestling, American football, archery, badminton, baseball. Practice with the PowerBall will greatly improve your performance in sports. It is also a very enjoyable way of training. Your arm muscles will become stronger, more flexible, and better coordination.

PowerBall can help people who suffer from arthritis. Remember that it is better to prevent than to treat. People who have the above illnesses before the training would need to deal with your doctor, as well as careful To ease the muscles. Exercise with the PowerBall execution can help to reduce arm and shoulder muscle pain after a long work with the computer.

Musicians can also make your benefit from the PowerBall. Think about: drummers guitarists pianists trumpeter

It looks like the other toys tedious, but in fact is a serious training tool!
Trainer. Try to control it at 10 000 rev. / Min. Feelings such that hand immediately rebuked off!
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