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Kiik Luppee Reece Rocker Natural Beech Light Grey

Tootekood: 907357

99,99 / tk
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Tammsaare tee 49
Paldiski mnt 108a
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Riia mnt 140e
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Papiniidu 2a
Võru linn
Kreutzwaldi 89
Valga linn
Tartu 84
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Haljala tee 4, Põhjakeskus
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Tallinna mnt 88, Auriga keskus
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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Kiik
Kaubamärk Luppee
Mudel Reece
Lapse maksimaalne kaal 15 kg
Reguleeritav Selg
Turvavööd on jagatud kahte gruppi: 3- ja 5- punktilised. 5-punkti turvavööga lapsevankrid on kõige klassikalisemad ning Euroopas kõige enam kasutusel. 5-punkti turvavöö hoiab turvaliselt paigal ka kõige aktiivsema lapse. On oluline, et turvavööl oleksid korralikud kaitsepadjad, mis kaitsevad lapse nahka hõõrdumise eest.
Soovitatav vanus alates 0 kuud
Mänguasi vibu Jah
Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Kaal: 4,6 kg
Every parent wants to provide their baby with the best possible conditions for development. When a baby appears in the world, a mother has practically no time for herself. She usually has to do a lot of work with the baby on her hands when the baby cannot calm down and is still crying. The solution that will make it easier for the mother to take care of her baby is the irreplaceable, practical and comfortable Reece rocker from LUPPEE.What are the biggest advantages of the comfortable Reece rocker?• Functionality – rocking in the rocker, the baby naturally stimulates motor development and the sense of balance and gets to know the world around it. Rhythmic rocking is a calming and relaxing activity for the baby. The baby is rocking on its own thanks to its movements - forwards and backwards. The Reece rocker is a safe and comfortable place to sleep, rest and play with ideal support for the back and head of the little user. The toy bar will provide your baby with a genuine variety of attractions and great entertainment. Another convenience is the ability to change the position of the backrest from vertical to horizontal - ideal for sleeping and resting.• Safety - a natural beech wood frame forms a stable structure of the rocker, and a firm and very strong safety belt will protect the baby from falling. The Reece rocker meets European safety standards EN 12790:2009. The product has been made of high quality materials. The cover with the pad has been sewn from fabrics that are friendly for sensitive baby skin. They do not cause any allergic reactions.• Easy to keep clean – removable cover can be easily washed in the washing machine.• Uncomplicated to use – The rocker is equipped with a unique folding system. The product does not require assembly. A parent can effortlessly move the rocker to any place in the house and then fold it and hide it when no longer needed. It is ideal for a trip. The baby will have its favorite rocker to sleep and rest in a new, unfamiliar place.An additional advantage of the Reece rocker is, of course, its modern and attractive Scandinavian design. Its minimalist style is a perfect match for both modern and classic interiors. It will certainly appeal to parents who appreciate simple forms. A great part of its charm is the wooden structure, which is perfectly harmonized with pastel colors of the other elements - the cover and the plush toy bar.The Reece rocker is made of good, durable materials and it will last for many years. It leaves no traces of use on the floor. An adjustable, two-level backrest provides the baby with the right position and optimal support for its delicate head and back. The LUPPEE product is designer style, lightweight and practical in any situation - it will save parents from various oppressions not only at home, but also during holidays or visits to grandparents. The baby will happily wave its legs, making the rocker move and providing itself with a pleasant and blissful relaxation.
Toote tegelik värvus võib erineda piltidel kujutatavast ning pilt on illustratiivne. Toote kirjeldus on üldise iseloomuga ning seal ei pruugi olla välja toodud kõik omadused. E-poe hinnad võivad erineda kauplustes ja teeninduspunktides kehtivatest hindadest. Kampaaniad e-poes võivad erineda jaekaubanduse kampaaniatest. Kampaaniatoodete kogused on piiratud ning jaekaubanduse laojäägid ja e-poe olevad kaubad ei pruugi kokku langeda, seetõttu võib eeldatav tarneaeg tellimuse vormistamisel näidatust erineda. Kui mõnda toodet tellimuse täitmise hetkel laos ei ole, teavitatakse Ostjat sellest eraldi esimesel võimalusel.

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