Lanberg Rack Cabinet 19" FF02-8027M-23B

Tootekood: 561086

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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Serverikapid
Kaubamärk Lanberg
Kaal 113 kg
Värv Must
Paigaldus Põrandale
Maksimaalne koormus 800 kg
Riiulite arv 27
Lahtivõetav kaarkass Jah
Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Klaasuksed. Karastatud turvaklaas. Ukse lukk. Karp on valmistatud kvaliteetsest lehtterasest
Tootekirjeldus inglise keeles: 

Lanberg’s single section free-standing cabinet FF02-8027M-23B is a solution with a completely new construction, precisely designed for network creation, 19” cabling and equipment assembly, with a maximum combined load capacity of up to 800 kg.

As compared to the previous free-standing cabinet model, this particular product can be distinguished by a brand-new construction, enabling a more stable assembly of components and better passive ventilation of the entire cabinet. On top of that, the new cabinet series allows full adjustment of the depth of the vertical mounting rails, which is very convenient when installing the network equipment.

Another point that allows you to adjust the server cabinet to your own needs, is the selection of doors. Within FF02 offer, there are models with front doors made of tempered glass with metal back doors and cabinets with both mesh doors. Assembly of such doors is extremely easy and flexible - they can be mounted left- or right-sided. Side panels of FF02 cabinets can be easily removed, so that the installation of wide network devices will not be a hassle. All doors / side panels are equipped with side locks.

Complementing the issue of ventilation, the set includes a ventilation panel with 2 230V fans [in case of 600mm deep cabinets] or 4 230V fans [for 800 and 1000mm cabinets].

FF02 cabinets will successfully fulfill their role in large, extensive networks and server rooms, both in small, medium and large companies, as well as, huge corporations. They can also find application in low voltage installations, such as cable TV networks, fire-alarm, access control, as well as CCTV and IP monitoring systems. Cabinet’s construction is made using high quality rolled steel, characterized by its excellent design and quality.

The set also includes accessories for mounting support rails, M6 screws and entry panel blanks. Lastly, due to the self-assembly construction (flat pack), the whole cabinet is packaged within 3 or 4 flat packages, which makes the transport of this large product easy.

Product features:
- Manufacturer: Lanberg,
- Manufacturer’s code: FF02-8027M-23B,
- Cabinet type: Free-standing,
- Cabinet color: Black RAL9004,
- Height: 27U,
- Cabinet dimensions (W x D x H): 800x1000x1388 mm,
- LCD display – no,
- Floor panel: 4 castors with brake + adjustable legs,
- Internal width spacing between rack rails: 450 mm,
- Width of the spacing between holes of rack rails: 475 mm,
- External width spacing between rack rails: 500 mm,
- Loading capacity: up to 800 KG,
- Degree of protection: IP20,
- Top with fan tray: included 4 fans 230V in top cover,
- Doors type: Front - Mesh, Rear - Mesh,
- Standard compliance: ANSI/EIA RS-310D, IEC297-2, DIN41494; PART1 & PART7, ETSI,
- Material: High grade cold rolled steel, powder coated,
- Glass thickness: 5.0 mm,
- Sheet thickness: vertical mounting rails - 2,00 mm; mounting profile - 2,00 mm; others - 1,50 mm - 1,20 mm,
- Cable entry panel: Top, Bottom (adjustable),
- Packaging includes: Accessory bag, locks for front and rear doors along with two side panels, 20 M6 cage nuts and bolts.
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