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Lanberg Surveillance Kit NVR Wifi 4 Channels + 4 Cameras

Tootekood: 743043

195,00 / tk
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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Korpuses kaamera
Kaubamärk Lanberg
Mudel NVR Wifi 4
Videokaamera tüüp IP-kaamerad
Anduri tüüp
Tänapäeval kasutatakse enamikes kaamerates sensorit CCD või CMOS. CCD sensor loob kõrge kvaliteedilise kujutise madala müratasemega. Miinuseks võib olla suur energia tarbimine. CMOS sensoril on väike energia tarbimine, kuid nad on vastuvõtlikud mürale.
Mida suurem resolutsioon, seda kvaliteetsem on kujutis.
1920 x 1080
Sobib kasutamiseks Sees, Väljas
Liidesed Wi-Fi
Kaitseaste (IP) IP66
Ühik „Lux“ näitab, kui palju valgust langeb ühele ruutmeetrile.
Prekės aprašymas anglų kalba: 

Lanberg’s Wi-Fi surveillance system translates into a greater level of security and control over your home or workplace.

The possibility of remotely viewing the feed from cameras using the application on smartphones (or other mobile devices), extremely simple and intuitive maintenance of devices, fast installation, broad scope of possibilities for IP camera operation management, good quality of video footage and durability of devices - it is a guarantee of a safer home.

VIDEO FOOTAGE IN HD/FULL HD RESOLUTION The set is equipped with 4 IP cameras, each with 1.3/2 Megapixel resolution, which ensures HD / Full HD recording.
ACCESS TO MULTIPLE CAMERAS SIMULTANEOUSLY Surveillance solutions of Lanberg brand facilitate the possibility of observing feed from all IP cameras, at the same time, on a split screen.

What is important, this feature works both, when viewing footage through TVs or a PCs, but also when using the complementary App on smartphones, enabling us to remotely examine what is going on our property, from any location.

EFFORTLESS SET-UP AND INSTALLATION Lanberg’s set, based on the Wi-Fi technology, is easy to mount and does not require you to drill holes in the walls, reconstruct the electrics or any other serious interference with the construction of the house. Just attach the cameras in selected places, connect the power supply and enjoy the wireless transmission of the recorded video feed.

Installation of the NVR and IP cameras is simple and intuitive, also does not require any complicated system configurations. In a jiffy you will get a preview of mounted cameras through TV, smartphone or PC.

FREE OF CHARGE SMARTPHONE APP Remote preview from IP cameras, ability to play recordings, notifications; all this gives the user control over what is happening inside/outside the house during his absence.

Complementary IP-Pro App, compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices, is a convenient tool and a greater sense of security.

BROAD POSSIBILITES OF DEVICE CONFIGURATION The NVR is really simple-to-use and offers a wide spectrum of configuration options, as well.

In addition to video-related settings, audio / data recording and other system functions, user can set and adjust recording calendars and schedules, tailored specifically to their needs and times of presence at home, alarms and motion-triggered recording. This gives you complete freedom in managing your very-own home surveillance center.

WATERPROOF CAMERS AND NIGHT VISION UP TO 25M Lanberg’s cameras are equipped with robust and waterproof IP66 housing, which means high resistance to bad weather conditions such as rain, ensuring continuous and trouble-free recording.

Due to the use of 6 IR LEDs, cameras can record images at night, effective up to 25 meters.

Assembly options in 3 planes and a viewing angle of up to 50 degrees can guarantee almost any cameras adjustment, so that their range covers the desired area.
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