Manfrotto XPRO Geared 3-way Pan/Tilt Tripod Head

Manfrotto XPRO Geared 3-way Pan/Tilt Tripod Head

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159,00 / tk
159,00 / tk
Kohaletoimetamise summa alates 6,98 €*. Tarne 16. oktoober
* Tarne hinna arvutatamisel arvestatakse nii teenustasu kui toote kaalu: 0.75 kg
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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Statiivi lisatoed
Kaubamärk Manfrotto
Kõrgus 13 cm
Kaal 750 g
Maksimaalne koormus
Maksimaalne seadme kaal, mida konkreetne tugi kannatab.
4 kg
Taseme mull Jah
Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Plaadi tüüp: 200PL-14. Quick Release mehhanism
Manfrotto XPRO Geared 3-way Pan/Tilt Tripod Head
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

For photographers looking for nothing less than precision. The highly portable XPRO Geared Three-way pan/tilt Head has the lightest and most precise body in the Manfrotto range. Rigid and strong, it features micrometric knobs so you can position your camera in the desired position in just seconds. With a payload of up to 4kg and a head weighing only 0.75kg, you benefit from a sturdy, stable tripod head that's incredibly light to carry.

Frame images with even greater precision thanks to the geared movement, which will enable you to compose your images one micro-step at a time on all three axes. To adjust the frame, just push the knob against the level to loosen the locking system.

The knobs have also been carefully designed to ensure ergonomic comfort, no matter how much you frame and shoot. With the standard 200PL plate included, you needn't worry about switching plates when using different Manfrotto heads. This is always attached to the camera, meaning you can get ready to shoot photos or videos in almost no time.

For your assurance, this product has a 10-year warranty and has been designed with premium materials and advanced engineering processes in Italy for guaranteed quality. Geared technology by Manfrotto is also patent pending.

  • Frame and shoot precisely by adjusting with the micrometric knob
  • Extremely lightweight thanks to its Adapto body
  • Levelling bubble for versatile, accurate composition
  • Move the axes faster by loosening the locking system
  • Quick and easy to set up thanks to its 200PL plate

  • Kaldenurk: -20° ~ +90° / -90° ~ +20°
  • Fikseeritud pilt: Ja
  • Materjal: Tehnopolümeer
  • Ülemise otsa nahkpolster: Черный
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