Nõudepesumasin Bosch SMS88TI36E

Nõudepesumasin Bosch SMS88TI36E

Tootekood: 395643

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Toote omadused


Toote tüüp Nõudepesumasinad
Kaubamärk Bosch
Mudel SMS88TI36E
Nõudepesumasina tüüp Teisaldatav
Laius 600 mm
Sügavus 600 mm
Kõrgus 845 mm
Värv Roostevaba teras

Energia- ja veekulu

Elektrikulu näidatakse ühes tsüklis. Faktiline elektrikulu sõltub valitud programmist. Kõige ökonoomsemad nõudepesumasinad on klass A+++. A on standardne klass, A+ - ökonoomne, omakorda klass G kulutab kõige rohkem elektrienergiat.
Tsükli veetarbimine 7.5 l
Aastane veetarbimine
Keskmine veekulu nõudepesumasinal aastas, eeldades, et seda kasutatakse 280 korda aastas.
2100 l
Pesu tõhususe klass
A klass tähendab kõrgeimat pesemise efektiivsust ja parimat tulemust, klass G näitab väikseimat efektiivsust ja kehvemat tulemust.
Kuivatamise tõhususe klass
A klass tähendab kõrgeimat pesemise efektiivsust ja parimat tulemust, klass G näitab väikseimat efektiivsust ja kehvemat tulemust.


Näitab, kas nõudepesumasinal on ekraan, millel näidatakse programmi, tsüklit ja teisi funktsioone sõltuvalt mudelist.
Juhtpaneelid on mehhaanilised, elektroonilised või sensor-tüüpi. Mehhaaniline juhtimine võimaldab teil juhtida masinat pööratavate selektorite abil, elektrooniline nuppude abil ning sensor-tüüpi puutetundliku juhtpaneeliga.

Programmid ja funktsioonid

Programmide arv
Olenevalt seadmest on võimalik valida erinevate pesuprogrammide vahel. Mida rohkem erinevaid programme, seda rohkem on võimalusi leida enda vajadustele sobivaim.
Nõudepesumasinas kasutatava hooldusvahendi - soola - taseme indikaator.
Loputusvedeliku indikaator
Nõude komplektide arv
Näitab mitut komplekti nõusid saab korraga pesta.
On mõeldud väga mustadele nõudele, pannidele ja pottidele.
Automaatne programm, Eelloputus, Intensiivne pesemine, Kiire pesemine, Õrnpesu
Programmi käivituse edasilükkamine
Võimaldab määrata aja kui nõude pesemine algab.
Kaitse vee üleajamise eest
Veelekete kaitse programm.


See arv sõltub sellest, kui vaikselt töötab nõudepesumasin. 42 dB müra tekitab see väga vaikne nõudepesumasin
42 dB
Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Veetarbimine: 7,5 l. WiFi valikud.
Bosch Serie 8 SMS88TI36E
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

AquaSensor: Dirt detection for shiny, clean dishes.

The AquaSensor regulates water consumption according to the type and intensity of dishwashing, by controlling the rinse water with light rays. Depending on the existing food, grease or detergent residues in the rinse water, it is decided whether the rinsing process was sufficient or must be continued.

Resource-saving water management: optimum cleaning with the lowest water consumption.

The water of the rinse cycle is stored thanks to the novel, resource-saving water management and reused for the following pre-rinse. The result is optimal hygienic cleaning with only 6 liters of water per wash. That's smart water management for us.

Automatic programs automatically ensure the best washing results.

Water consumption, water temperature and rinsing time are exactly adapted to the degree of soiling of the dishes. This brings you the highest flushing performance and at the same time saves water and energy.

EmotionLightTM: highest aesthetics through special interior lighting.
 EmotionLightTM is a fascinating design innovation for the highest aesthetic demands, which makes your dishes shine in a special light. When loading and unloading, the interior lighting dips the room into an atmospheric ambience through two powerful LEDs in the upper door frame.

More safety for your glasses with the jar attachment handle.

With the jar attachment handle, you can stow even very tall glasses, bottles or vases safely in the lower basket.

Simply select program start thanks to start time preselection.
The start of the program can be preselected on request with the start time preselection. So you can run your device comfortably whenever you want - during the day during work or at night. In addition, after the program has been started, a display informs to the minute about the remaining running time.

TFT display informs quickly and clearly with more legible text and color images.

The TFT display informs quickly and clearly. The multicolored display shows the selected programs and options, the program progress, the remaining time and much more by means of pictures and easy to read font. Practical tips guide you through the programs and provide useful information for optimal use and for water and energy consumption. In addition, information about the salt and rinse aid levels appears.

Visibly more flexibility and space utilization
 The pull-out VarioDrawers Pro offers extra space: For large cutlery items, eg. As whisk or ladles, the drawer holds useful recesses ready. The lowerable side panels make space for small dishes - up to espresso cups. Thanks to the red touchpoints and the red buttons, you can instantly see where and how to adjust the drawer flexibly to the cutlery to be loaded. This third loading level makes the cutlery basket in the lower basket superfluous.

Push messages

Upon request, you will be informed by push message on your smartphone or tablet about the current level and the program status of your dishwasher. So you always keep track.

Less water, less energy, more power.

Bosch's innovative ActiveWater technology maximizes efficiency and results in more environmentally friendly rinsing while providing excellent rinsing results. Through targeted water distribution, optimized filter technology, faster heating and a higher pump capacity for more water circulation, ActiveWater dishwashers achieve the best results.

100% protection against water damage, guarantees a long device life thanks to AquaStop. 

The AquaStop system consists of a special double-walled inlet hose, a safety valve and a floor pan with float switch and offers 100% protection against water damage - this is what Bosch guarantees for a long life of the device.

Thanks to the loading sensor, you can save water and electricity with less crockery.
 The load detection is performed by a speed sensor, which detects the water level. If there are a lot of dishes in the machine, more water is needed to wet the dishes and the water level drops. In this case, additional water is supplied. If there are few dishes in the washing container, less water is needed for rinsing. Thus, the loading sensor always guarantees optimal water consumption even with half full dishwasher or less dishes. This saves water and electricity.

EcoSilence DriveTM: extremely energy-efficient, quiet and durable.

For even more efficient cleaning, we have developed the economical EcoSilence DriveTM engine. It is characterized by speed, energy efficiency and minimal power consumption. As a brushless motor, it is very quiet and automatically convinces with the best scavenging results.

Glass 40 ° program

With the glass 40 ° C program, high-quality crystal glasses are gently and gently cleaned, and at the same time optimum drying and brilliant shine are achieved. This is possible due to lower temperatures, in particular an adaptation of the rinse-aid temperature, as well as an extension of the drying phase. Brilliant glasses and a residue-free drying are the clear proof for a shiny and gentle dishwashing result.

IntensivZone: also cleans pots and pans optimally at the push of a button. 

The "Intensive Zone" option ensures particularly high spray pressure and increased cleaning temperature throughout the lower basket. So heavily soiled pots and pans are optimally clean, while in the upper basket and sensitive items can be placed.

PerfectDry with Zeolith®

Perfect drying results for your dishes. Warm air is evenly distributed and dries powerfully and gently at the same time thanks to 3D air flow. PerfectDry dishwashers with zeolite® bind moisture and convert it into warm air. So you get your dishes, even plastic dishes, perfectly dry and brilliant shiny from the dishwasher. PerfectDry with Zeolith® leads to perfect results - and that for a whole dishwasher life.

Stem glass basket: safe, stable hold and optimum cleaning for your long-stemmed glasses.

With the unique stalk glass basket, you can rinse long-stemmed wine and champagne glasses in the Bosch dishwashers with VarioFlex, VarioFlex Plus or VarioFlex Pro basket system optimally safe and brilliant. The stalk glass basket is placed in the lower basket and can accommodate 4 long-stemmed glasses. The simple locking mechanism ensures stable, quick hold and the new 40 ° wash program guarantees brilliant washing results. The new Bosch stemmed glass basket - recommended by SCHOTT ZWIESEL.

Heat exchangers: always the right temperature for optimal care of the dishes.
 Dishwashers with heat exchangers treat precious glasses and porcelain particularly gently and without risk. The water is preheated in the rinse tank - so there are no more temperature shocks.

Precise glass protection

Preserves the radiance of your glasses, even after many rinses. A raw water valve keeps the water hardness at a balanced and optimal level, which protects your glasses sustainably - automatically and independently of the set water hardness.

Glass protection technology treats delicate glasses very gently.

Since too soft water causes glass corrosion, Bosch dishwashers with glass protection technology continuously measure and regulate the degree of hardness. This ensures that valuable glasses and delicate porcelain are always gently rinsed.

HygienePlus rinses with extra high temperatures for maximum hygiene.

HygienPlus is a new option that can be added in many rinses and guarantees maximum hygienic performance through antibacterial cleaning. This is achieved by a higher temperature level of up to 70 ° C during the rinse, which is maintained over a longer period of time. HygienePlus is therefore ideal for all persons with the highest hygienic requirements, eg. Households with infants or allergy sufferers.

Child lock Door lock: prevents accidental door opening during the flushing process.

The door lock prevents you from opening while your dishwasher is in operation, giving you and your family more security. A risk of injury from hot steam is reliably prevented.

SuperSilence: particularly quiet rinsing at just 40-45 dB volume.
 Electronically controlled drive and many soundproofing measures ensure that SuperSilence dishwashers operate very quietly. Beneficial for home kitchens or open spaces.
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