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Nutikell TicWatch Pro 5 GPS Obsidian Elite Edition, must

Tootekood: 1430159

308,00 / tk
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Toote omadused


Toote tüüp Nutikellad
Kaubamärk TicWatch
Mudel Pro 5 GPS Obsidian Elite Edition
Mõeldud Universaalne
Rihma tüüp Klassikaline
Värv Must
Rihma värv Must
Kaal 44.3 g
Käevõru materjal Silikoon


Bluetooth on liides, mille abil suudavad erinevad seadmed nagu mobiiltelefonid, PDA-d, arvutid või perifeeriaseadmed omavahel suhelda. Bluetooth põhieesmärgiks on andmeedastuste ja juhtmeühenduste asendamine. NFC on tehnoloogiline komplekt, mis kindlustab juhtmevaba side väikses raadiuses. Näiteks on Teil seda võimalik kasutada teenustse maksmise eest või edastades andmeid seadmete (näiteks nutitelefonide ja tahvelarvutite) vahel, mis toetavad NFC'd. Wi-Fi Direct (varem tuntud kui Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer) - standard, mis võimaldab kahel või rohkemal Wi-Fi seadmel suhelda omavahel ilma hot spot'ta ja ruuterita. WiFi Direct võimaldab juhtmevaba ühendust ühe nuppuvajutuse abil, keerulise seadistamise vajaduseta. Tänu sellele funktsioonile on Teil võimalik saata andmeid (pilte, muusikat jne.) erinevate seadmete vahel.
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


Installitud operatsioonisüsteem Wear OS
Ühildub operatsioonisüsteemidega Android
Operatsioonisüsteemide (OS) versioonide tugi Android 8 või uuem


Ekraan Jah
Kuva tüüp AMOLED
Ekraani suurus 1.43 "
Resolutsioon 466 x 466


Aku maht 628 mAh
Tööaeg täislaetud akuga 3.3 d


Võimaldab mõõta täpset aega, mille vältel te erinevaid harjutusi sooritate.
Baromeeter, Kiirendusmõõtur, Kompass, Südame löögisageduse mõõtur, Temperatuur
Mälumaht 32 GB
Garantii 24 kuud
Without Equal.
Equipped with the the industry-leading Snapdragon® W5+ Gen 1 Wearable Platform, TicWatch Pro 5 is designed to deliver unmatched performance to your smartwatch* experience. The next-level processing power enables seamless connectivity, lightning-fast responsiveness and extreme power efficiency.

Massive. Define long battery life.
Redefining long battery life. TicWatch Pro 5 delivers an astonishing 80-hour battery life*. With scheduled or smart* Essential Mode, TicWatch Pro 5 dynamically adapts to your lifestyle, effortlessly extending your adventures without any interruption.

Fuel up in a flash.
With the new fast charge technology in the TicWatch Pro 5 you can easily go from 0-65% in just 30 minutes. If you’re pressed for time, even a quick 15 minute charge will get your watch through the day.

Manual control made easy.
Where software structure meets tactile elegance. The bliss of scrolling through the digital world with immediate response of TicWatch Pro 5’s rotating crown, complete with satisfying haptic feedback, elevates the smartwatch-wearing experience to whole new heights. Scroll to navigate apps, increase or decrease your music volume, and even zoom in and out on maps at ease, with only one finger, or in gloves. This crown offers you effortless yet versatile control.

Iconic. From day one.
Two watches in one. TicWatch Pro 5 ingeniously integrates a highly efficient Ultra-low-power display on top of a stunning OLED display. This allows you to access critical information for days without a charge. In extreme scenarios, the Ultra-low-power display enables you to stay on top of your game via switchable tiles such as heart rate, blood oxygen, calories, and a compass.

Colors that track your beat.
Select from an array of 18 bright colors for Ultra-low-power display to fit your look. When exercising, effortlessly track your heart rate as the backlight changes to the beat of your heart. Six colored zones ranging from serene aquamarine to sharp orange and fiery scarlet, indicates your warm-up, cardio, or dangerous heart rate zones at a quick glance.

Pinpoint accuracy anywhere.

Stay informed. Therefore wise bravery.
TicWatch Pro 5 taps into all five global satellite systems - GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and Beidou - to ensure you have the most accurate location data no matter where you are in the world. From dense forests to downtown skyscrapers, navigate with confidence and mark your way out with ease.

Always know your heading.
Stay oriented, find your way back to camp, or even guide you to places you’ve never been. Traverse any terrain with the built-in compass on TicWatch Pro 5. Simply tap to set a bearing and move your wrist to know how far off you are from your desired direction.

Elevate your game.
Ascend with precision. Whether it’s for a two hour steep trail run, or a long day mountaineering, TicWatch Pro 5 allows you to track barometric pressure and altitude fluctuations with linear progression graphs to stay up-to-speed.

5 Metrics, 90 Seconds, 1 Easy Solution
With just one tap, TicWatch Pro 5’s cutting-edge algorithms deliver 5 vital health metrics in 90 seconds: heart rate, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, stress level, and heart health*. Get an instant snapshot of your overall well-being anytime, anywhere.
*This feature is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or for any other medical purpose.
*Access to heart health data is restricted in specific geographic locations.

From every beat to every risk.
Take control of your heart health and proactively manage any potential risks. The state-of-the-art sensor on TicWatch Pro 5 constantly monitors your heart rate on a 24H basis, giving you a comprehensive view of your heart's health, alerting you of the high/low resting and exercise heart rate. While the Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) detection* technology identifies a wide range of cardiac arrhythmias, including AFib, premature beat, tachycardia/bradycardia, and alerts you to potential heart health issues in real time.
* This feature is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or for any other medical purpose

Get insights beyond sleep stages.
Rest easy knowing that TicWatch Pro 5 is monitoring sleep for you. With its ability to track your Awake, Light, Deep, and REM sleep stages, as well as your heart rate, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, and skin temperature, you'll gain valuable insights into your sleep patterns and overall health in the Mobvoi Health app.

Minimize risks. Maximize gains.
A more insightful approach to fine-tune your workout routine. TicWatch Pro 5 uses advanced algorithms, along with your unique health and fitness profile to provide highly personalized insights about when your body is ready for the next workout. Results ranging up to 120 hours, ensure an informative training plan and avoid potential injury risks.

Know your limits and surpass them. VO2 MAX, a crucial metric to determine your cardiovascular fitness, is now accessible on TicWatch Pro 5. This feature estimates the amount of oxygen your body can consume during intense exercise, it provides insights into how efficiently your heart and lungs are working. TicWatch Pro 5’s calculated readings, together with weekly and monthly trend charts, allow you to track your progress to a healthier lifestyle.

Swim, run, climb. Conquer with us.
With more than 100 professional workout modes, including newly integrated open water swimming tracking, the TicWatch Pro 5 is designed to inspire you to take on challenges indoors, up on a mountain or in water. Advanced algorithms and continuous GPS calibration deliver detailed and precise metrics to push your further.

Utility at your fingertips.
Powered with the latest version of Wear OS by Google™, TicWatch Pro 5 opens up a world of cutting-edge apps and services. Navigate the world from your smartwatch with Google Maps. Add a card to Google Wallet™ and pay faster with your watch everywhere Google Pay™ is accepted. Access your favorite music from your smartwatch with YouTube Music™. Unlock the full potential of Google Play on your smartwatch with Wear OS by Google. Browse for new apps, sync apps with your smartphone, and upgrade your watch face, all on your wrist.

Up to date, on the go.
Swipe through multiple notifications at once, then reply easily in the moment with a quick tap. Wear OS by Google allows you to browse, dismiss, or act* on your notifications and messages.

Switch up your style.
With over 1000 watch faces in the built-in Timeshow app, and new designs dropping in frequently, you'll have plenty of options to match your style, mood, or just for the fun of it, with a few taps.
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