Silk'n Pure Deluxe SCPL1PE3001

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Kaubamärk Silk'n
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Veekindlus Jah
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Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Automaatne väljalülitamine 1 minuti möödumisel. puhastab naha käsitsi puhastamisest kuni 6 korda efektiivsemalt. Minimeerib poorid
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Do you have blemished skin, large pores, blackheads, pimples, puffy eyes or dull skin? Silk’n Pure Deluxe puts an end to these issues once and for all. Now you can perform the facial treatment at home that used to be provided at a beauty parlour exclusively. Enjoy a clean and radiant skin every day!

  • Daily deep cleansing for your face
  • Removes 6x more make-up than manual cleansing
  • Minimises large pores
  • Improves the absorption of serums and skincare creams
  • 100% waterproof, so it can also be used in the shower and while taking a bath
  • Vibrating and pulsating functions with two intensity settings
  • 1 minute auto shut-off timer
  • Can be used up to 50 times on one full charge
  • Face brush stand and two brush heads (Regular and Soft) included
  • Extra Face Massage brush head, Eye Massage brush head, travel case and face wash travel bottle included

Silk’n Pure Deluxe is the deluxe version of Silk’n Pure, which comes with several great new accessories. The brush heads (the Regular and Soft variant) included provide intensive facial cleansing every day, but the Deluxe version adds something extra to your beauty routine. Additionally, this facial cleansing brush is ideal for travelling. And, Silk’n Pure Deluxe is fully waterproof, so you can also use it in the shower and while taking a bath.
The device has a vibrating and pulsating function. With the vibrating function, the facial cleansing brush loosens impurities and dirt particles from the pores. With the pulsating function, the brush makes pulsating movements, massages the skin and stimulates the blood circulation, which feels great on a tired skin. Both functions can be set to low speed and high speed.
Silk’n Pure Deluxe removes 6x more make-up than manual cleansing. The less make-up is left on your skin, the smoother your skin will look. Large pores are minimised, and your skin is better able to absorb the efficacious ingredients of your serum and skincare creams. The balance of your skin is restored, and your face will be radiant again.

Silk’n has improved the Pure’s vibration technique, by designing the new patented 360° Vibration Technology. Instead of oscillating micro-movements, all individual bristles now make 360° micro-movements. This increases the cleansing efficacy and leaves you with more clean skin.

Silk’n Pure Deluxe comes with a Face Massage brush head that has skin-friendly silicone studs, specifically developed for mild facial cleansing and for giving you a delightful massage. The skin’s blood circulation is stimulated, while respecting its natural balance. The result is a cleansed, vital and radiant skin.

The Eye Massage brush head is made of a special cooling material, which is gentle to the sensitive skin around the eyes. Ideal for people who have bags under the eyes or puffy eyes in the morning. By using this attachment during your daily facial care routine, you ensure that tired eyes are refreshed nicely and splendidly in only one minute. Let 210 vibrations per second work wonders, and start your day looking fit and well! To be used with or without eye serum or skincare cream.

Silk’n Pure Deluxe comes with a handy travel case, so that you can take the device with you on holiday, for instance. The hard travel case protects the device against damage, but also protects your luggage against moisture. A travel bottle, which you can fill with your favourite face wash, is also included.

When you use the Regular, Soft, or Face Massage brush head, make sure that you wet the brush head and face with lukewarm water (lukewarm water causes the pores to open so that the impurities can be loosened more easily). Next, apply a minimum amount of face wash to the brush head and switch on the device. Move the brush over your skin slowly. When you are finished, rinse your face with water (preferably cold water, as it closes the pores). Dab the skin with a towel until it is dry and apply your favourite serum and/or skincare cream. For a complete facial treatment, you can use the Eye Massage brush head in the morning for looking fresh! Silk’n Pure Deluxe is ideal for starting and ending your day!

Cleansing your face shouldn’t have to take long. Silk’n Pure Deluxe has a smart timer that automatically stops the device after one minute, indicating the end of your treatment. Thanks to this function, you will never have to spend too much time on your beauty routine in the mornings or evenings.
The face can be divided into six zones: forehead, nose, chin, left cheek, right cheek, and the neck. Silk’n Pure Deluxe can thoroughly cleanse each zone in just ten seconds. Give Silk’n Pure Deluxe one minute, and get a radiant skin in return!
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