Sony FDR-AX53

Sony FDR-AX53

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794,00 / tk
794,00 / tk
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* Tarne hinna arvutatamisel arvestatakse nii teenustasu kui toote kaalu: 3.00 kg
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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Videokaamerad
Kaubamärk Sony
Megapikslite arv
Piksel ehk pildielement ehk pildipunkt on pildi vähim kahemõõtmeline osa, mis võib kanda teatud värvust ja heledust. Pikslite ridade ja veergude kaupa korrastatud kahemõõtmeline kogum moodustab maatriksi ehk pikslimassiivi.
Maksimaalne eraldusvõime
Full HD (täiskõrglahutusega 1920x1080 pikslit resolutsioon), HD (kõrglahutusega 1280 x 720 pikslit resolutsioon) ja VGA (madal pildiresolutsioon)
3840 x 2160
Võimalus ühendada väline välk
Этот параметр указывает производителей оптики. Чаще всего это та же компания, которая произвела то же устройство.
Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T
Fookuse kaugus
Vahemaa objektiivi ja kujutise sensori vahel, kui objekt on fookuses. Tavaliselt näidatakse millimeetrites.
26.8 - 536 mm
Sensori suurus
Sensori suurust väljendatakse enamasti murdarvuna tollides, nt 1/1,8". Mida suurem on sensor, seda suurem on iga pildielemendi valgustundlik pind (ühesuguse pikslite arvu korral) ning vastavalt ka tundlikkus. Sensori mõõtmetest sõltub samuti kujutise teravussügavus: mida väiksem sensor, seda suuremas kaugusvahemikus on pilt terav.
Silmaga läbivaadatav ava, mille kaudu kasutajale avaneb pildistatavad või filmitavad objektid, keskkond ja nende paigutus.
Ekraani diagonaal
Kaamera ekraani mõõt tollides ja sentimeetrites.
3 "
Puutetundlik ekraan
Ekraan, mis reageerib puudutusele.
Autofookus- tähendab kaamera võimet fokusseerida kujutis. See parameeter on iga videokaamera lahutamatu osa. Manuaalfookus- fookuse tüüp, mis võimaldab käsitsi seadistust.
Optiline lähendamine (x)
See tähendab, mitu korda videokaamera „lähendab“ filmimisobjekti optika abil. Mida suurem on see parameeter, seda suuremad on žansid „lähendada“ objekte muutmatul kujul.
Digitaalne lähendamine (x)
Digitaalne suurendus on kaamera funktsioon tuua objekt lähemale.
Videofailide formaadid
Formaat, mis võimaldab kaameras säilitada videosid ja fotosid.
Audiofailide vormingud
Formaat, mis lubab kaameral säilitada audiosalvestisi.
See parameeter määrab, milliseid seadmeid võib videokaameraga ühendada. USB on enamlevinud ühendus. See lubab ühendada kaamerat arvutiga, lisaks HDMI abil televiisoriga.
Sisemälu, Gb
Mida suurem mälu, seda rohkem ja suuremal hulgal saab videot salvestada.
Toetatud mälukaardid
Mälukaart on lisamälumaht, mida on võimalik kaamerasse paigutada. Mida suurem maht, seda rohkem andmeid saab säilitada.
Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, SD, SDHC, SDXC
Öise nägemise funktsioon
Võimalus tõhusamalt hämaras ja pimedas olustikus kaamerat kasutada ilma lisavalgust vajamata, samas säilitades värvid.
Garantii 24 kuud
Laius x kõrgus x sügavus
73 x 80.5 x 166.5 mm
Täiendav info Sisseehitatud mikrofon. NFC.
Sony FDR-AX53
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:
4K image quality

Shoot 4K footage that contains about four times more detail than Full HD (3840 x 2160 pixels vs. 1920 x 1080) footage, and capture more of the incredible qualities that bring images to vibrant life.


Balanced Optical SteadyShot™

Our advanced image stabilisation enables blur-free footage, even when the recording circumstances are shaky or bumpy.

Super-sampled Full HD playback

Enhance your viewing experience even without a 4K television. Using super-sampling, the FDR-AX53 automatically down-converts 4K footage to exceptionally detailed Full HD.

Trimming Playback

You can select a specific portion of the picture and play it back in Full HD, thanks to 4K high resolution. Also, you can change trimming size with the zoom lever or on-screen display icon.

Advanced shooting features

Enjoy total customisation with ergonomic manual controls. Use the intuitive multi-purpose manual ring to adjust zoom, focus, exposure, IRIS, shutter speed, AE shift, or white balance shift mode after using the manual button to select the mode. The electronic viewfinder offers accurate image preview.

Multi Camera Control

More shots mean more editing opportunities. Easily record footage from a variety of angles, whether using cameras mounted directly to the FDR-AX33 or triggered wirelessly. Multi Camera Control makes it easy to sync shooting settings on all devices.

Highlight Movie Maker

A versatile function to streamline movie editing, Highlight Movie Maker offers several time-saving features. Add highlight points to key moments while recording, and let the camcorder automatically sync your transitions to your chosen soundtrack.

Live Streaming via Ustream®

From performances to sports events, some things are best seen in real time. Share scenes as they happen with high-quality picture and sound.

BIONZ X™ image processor

The advanced BIONZ X image processing engine helps achieve more naturally vivid and lifelike image quality as well as faster processing capabilities.

Wide-angle ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T lens

This 29.8mm wide-angle ZEISS lens providing 10x optical zoom is not only ideal for capturing grand landscapes, among a range of other scenes — it is fine-tuned specifically for 4K.

Exmor R™ CMOS sensor

This cutting-edge sensor enhances image clarity, reduces noise in dark environments, and enables soft background defocusing.

16.6MP still image capture

Sometimes you don’t need — or want — video. Put your video camera in still image mode and capture amazing high-quality single images as easily as you do with a still camera.

Superb night shooting

This feature uses infrared light to take pictures even in complete darkness. By using NIGHTSHOT, parents can easily capture children’s cute sleeping faces.

Exceptional image quality

By employing XAVC S format, which was developed from the XAVC format for professional use, 4K Ultra HD and high-bitrate recording of incredible quality are realised. Yet, XAVC S data is compressed so that it is more manageable for general consumers.

Dual Video Recording

Record two movies at the same time — one in the maximum-quality XAVC S or AVCHD format and another in MP4 format. That way you’ve got a small file ready for instant sharing, plus a professional-grade file for further editing.

Face Detection and Smile Shutter

Use Face Detection to optimise focus, exposure and colour for people who are the most important subject of a shot. You can prioritise a subject’s face by touching it on the LCD. And with Smile Shutter, the FDR-AX53 can also automatically capture still shots of great (but fleeting) smiles, even while recording movies.

Motion Shot Video

This convenient feature allows playback of a dramatic sequence of superimposed images to trace every split second of action, a powerful tool for analysing sports motion on screen. During playback, you can adjust the interval between images, or pause to capture still images to share with friends.

Lock-on AF

Enhances the tracking of moving subjects by using the optimal AF point at all times, and adjusting the target frame size to match your subject’s characteristics. Thanks to advances in phase-detection AF, it’s now more accurate than ever — so lock on and shoot fast-moving targets with precision.

Auto Wind Noise Reduction

Using an advanced sound-analysis algorithm, this feature eliminates wind noise — the biggest culprit of bad outdoor audio.

5.1ch microphone

Record clear sound that accurately captures the atmosphere of the scene, and enjoy surround sound playback on your home theatre system. Level meters on the LCD panel provide visual monitoring of each channel’s levels.

Golf Shot

Analyse your swing with no need for fancy equipment. Golf Shot mode lets you capture video and stills of each step of your swing.

Xtra Fine LCD with WhiteMagic™

The high-precision Xtra Fine LCD features a WhiteMagic display that uses white pixels in addition to RGB pixels to boost screen brightness, allowing users to see subtle details and tones on the screen in all types of shooting environments, including outdoors in bright sunlight.

My Voice Cancelling

Reduce the intensity of behind-camera sounds, whether you are talking to or cheering on your subject as you shoot.

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