TrueCam A7S Car Camera

TrueCam A7S Car Camera

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125,00 / tk
125,00 / tk
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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp Videoregistraatorid
Kaubamärk TrueCam
Mudel A7S
Objektiivi vaatenurk
Näitab, kui suure nurga all on kaamera võimeline toimuvat salvestama.
130 °
Kuva tüüp LCD
Ekraani diagonaal 2.7 "
Ekraani eraldusvõime pikslites
Mida kõrgem resolutsioon, seda täpsem kujutis.
1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Toetatud mälukaardid
Mälukaart on lisa mälumaht, mida saab paigaldada seadmesse. Mida suurem maht, seda rohkem on võimalik salvestada.
Micro SD
Salvestuse formaat
Videofaili formaat, mida seade on võimeline esitama. Sõltuvalt valitud formaadist muutub faili suurus ning pildi ja heli kvaliteet.
Navigatsiooni (GPS) funktsioon Ei
Öise nägemise funktsioon
Näitab, kas on olemas tehnoloogia, mis parandab öise salvestuse kvaliteeti.
Garantii 24 kuud
Täiendav info Aku: 400 mAh. Sisseehitatud mikrofon. G-Sensor. GPS: Optional.
TrueCam A7S Car Camera
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

The latest model is an improvement on the existing TrueCam A5s camera. The basic kit includes a GPS module with speed camera detection and an option to have great voice guidance on your ride.
The video resolution has been improved up to 2560×1080 (21:9) and 2304×1296 (16:9) at a rate of 30fps. Due to the high quality of the recording it is able to recognise faces or identify license plates even easier. The camera handles itself superbly no matter the situation. No matter whether it is at night, in poor visibility when driving towards bright lights or under other difficult circumstances the footage will still be captured at the highest quality and with maximum sharpness.
Easy installation and operation of the mount, including a power supply. To install the camera easily every day, you simply “snap” and go.

 Shoots in Full HD 1080p
 The camera shoots at a high resolution of 2560×1080 (16:9) or up to superwide resolution of 2304×1296 (21:9). The camera captures high-quality images  even in adverse conditions. Whether it is bright, gloomy, dark or night-time, your shots will always be perfectly sharp and clear. Thanks to this, it recognises  even the tiniest of details, such as the human face or vehicle license plates.

Quick everyday installation

Quick and easy handling and preparation for the journey ahead is a must for a camera that is used every day. The installation of the TrueCam A7s takes a matter of seconds. The camera holder is permanently mounted in the car, including the power connection, and the camera can just be snapped into the holder and you are ready to go.

 Loop recording
 The loop recording function of the TrueCam A7s car camera allows you to continuously record. Once the memory is full, the camera will automatically  record over the oldest files and replace them with new ones. There is no need to interrupt the recording or manually capture the new material, everything is  automated. If you have any important recordings or photos that you want to keep, you can easily lock them and protect them from being deleted. You can  lock the video whilst recording.


The G-sensor records the direction of your journey in three-dimensional space. This data can be analysed and displayed using the application software. This sensor also enables the dash cam to detect when an incident takes place and lock it to prevent it from deletion whilst loop recording. It can be seen on the chart later exactly from which direction the impact occurred.

 Video locking
 To avoid erasing important material due to overwriting during loop recording, these recordings can be locked. This can be done using a special key whilst recording or  viewing a recording. This material is then archived and protected against deletion. If you later decide that you would like it removed, just unlock the recording and it can  be deleted in the normal way.

LCD display with English menu

A clear 2.7″ LCD display makes it easy to control the TrueCam A7s. It does not matter whether you are shooting a video or just browsing through the recordings, the screen with provide you with a complete overview. The camera menu is completely in the English language and has a simple, intuitive interface.

 Motion detection
 The TrueCam dashboard camera guards your car in your absence. Thanks to motion detection, the camera starts recording any time motion is detected. If  someone crashes into you or damages your car, you have everything on record at the highest quality. This clear evidence can then be passed onto the police,  including the license plate or the face of the offender.

Night mode

Shooting in low light conditions, at dusk or at night is no problem at all for the TrueCam car camera. The outstanding lens and aperture ensures clear, high-quality images, even at night. With limitless potential you can be confident that this in-car camera will always take great shots.

 GPS module
 The TrueCam A7s is equipped with a GPS module which provides many features, giving you even more details about your driving. Thanks to the GPS it is  possible to map the route and speed. Under the camera settings you can choose whether to display the speed within the video or in the software application  where you can view the acquired data and route on Google Maps.

Speed camera detection

The TrueCam A7s camera can alert the driver to fixed speed cameras, average speed cameras, red light cameras and other places where it is good to exercise caution. Our database contains more than 33,000 locations in 36 European countries and Russia. Using voice guidance, the driver is warned of dangers or against speeding. The database is extremely accurate and offers free updates.

 Interchangeable UV and polarizing filters (optional)
 Along with the TrueCam A7s car camera, it is possible to buy special replaceable filters, namely a CLP polarizing filter and a UV filter. These filters protect  your lens and provide an even higher image quality. The polarizing CPL filter ensures the removal of any unpleasant reflections, glare and obtrusive elements  from the windscreen of the car. The UV filter provides greater vibrancy and saturation, making the whole image look natural. These filters are not included in the basic package!

HDR function

The HDR (wide dynamic range) function ensures that your camera copes with difficult contrast shots. Typical examples of such are the contrast between light and shadows or between the road at night and the lights of oncoming traffic. HDR ensures a quality picture even under these circumstances.

 Speedometer function
 A new function of the TrueCam A7s camera is the Speedometer function. With it you can monitor your current speed and direction (shown as a compass)  directly on the display. As well as displaying the compass and current speed, the camera will also alert you to upcoming speed cameras. The display shows  the speed limit while approaching the speed camera, its distance and will alert you when speeding. The Speedometer function can be set as a screensaver so  that the display does not distract, for example, when driving at night.

Premium assistance systems

The TrueCam A7s includes safety systems designed to minimise traffic accidents. This makes travelling safer for drivers as well as for other road users. LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) is a mechanism for warning the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane. On top of this FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) warns the driver when not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front. At the lights the system even alerts you when the car in front pulls away. This feature is ideal for long distances when drivers often lose focus. Everything is set up so that the system aids you without being intrusive. Note: This function is currently in the development stage (beta) and it is necessary to download the latest firmware version marked with the letter “L“.

  • Videosalvestuse kiirus: Kuni 30 kaadrit/sek
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