Veritas Amelia

Veritas Amelia

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399,00 / tk
399,00 / tk
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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp: Õmblusmasinad
Kaubamärk: Veritas
Mudel: Amelia
Masina tüüp: Elektrimehhaaniline
Automaatne niidistaja: Ei
Maksimaalne nõelapiste pikkus: 4.5
Maksimaalne nõelapiste laius: 7
Süstik : Jah
Õmbluste tüüpide arv : 90
Tagakäik: Ei
Valgustus: Jah
Ekraan: Jah
Taimer: Ei
Garantii: 24
Täiendav info: Automaatne aas 1 sammuga
Veritas Amelia
Tootekirjeldus inglise keeles:

Off to new shores - exactly the reason that the VERITAS Amelia was created. Fashion-conscious people who want to create their own style or even professionals who are looking for new challenges and functions, will love the VERITAS Amelia. Thanks to computer technology, the sewing is so easy, that every idea can be carried out professionally in the blink of an eye.

Simple and professional
90 stitch programmes, including quilting, decorative, and overlock stitches, as well as automatic darning make professional work as simple as it is varied. The automatic thread tension always adapts precisely and therefore creates straight seams without accidental ruffling.

Set up from head to toe for creativity

No matter whether decorations for sets or table cloths, smart hems of dresses or unique creations - there is nothing, which is not possible with the VERITAS Amelia. The glare-free LED light allows a perfect view of the work at all times. This allows you to be in control even at a late hour, and quickly reach your perfect result.

Clear and easy to use

The large, clear display makes the job even easier. You can easily select the stitches: Select a stitch, press a button and sew - each programme is preset with the optimum stitch width and length. Things like this are only possible with a computerised VERITAS Amelia!

The matching hole for every button

The variety of buttons in the world is almost infinite. So why always sew the same buttonhole? Because individuality begins in the details, the Veritas Amelia boasts seven different buttonhole styles. This sewing machine rewards experimentation – after the first attempts, you will quickly master the automatic buttonhole function, and sew buttonholes like a pro.

Does the work, provides the pleasure

From the ingenious darning function, which repairs holes in the blink of an eye, to the automatic thread cutter, the VERITAS Amelia manages many work steps almost on her own, and saves precious time which you can devote to your passion for sewing. The threading assistant is especially handy, meaning that you don’t need to spend a long time threading, and can get started straight away.

One-touch function
Changing the presser foot is done on the VERITAS Amelia in a matter of seconds. All supplied feet, used for decorative work, can be fitted with one movement, without any additional tools. Only a small lever must be pushed upwards, and the new foot is in use. The sewing fun can begin!

  • Topeltnõela kasutamise võimalus: Jah
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