Xiaomi MiJia 360° Sphere Panoramic Camera Kit Black

Xiaomi MiJia 360° Sphere Panoramic Camera Kit Black

Tootekood: 360300

230,00 / tk
230,00 / tk
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Toote omadused

Toote tüüp: Spordikaamerad
Kaubamärk: Xiaomi
Mudel: MiJia 360°
Värv: Must
Anduri suurus : 1/2.3"
Anduri tüüp: Sony IMX206
Megapikslite arv: 16
Videofailide formaadid: H.264
Audiofailide vormingud: AAC
Pildi formaadid: JPEG
Tööaeg täislaetud akuga: 90
Toetatud mälukaardid: Micro SD
Liidesed: Wi-Fi
Kuulub komplekti: USB. Tripod.
Kaal: 0.109
Kaitseaste (IP): IP67
Garantii: 24
Täiendav info: Ambarella A12. . Android 5.0. iOs 8.0.
Xiaomi MiJia 360° Sphere Panoramic Camera Kit
Toote kirjeldus inglise keeles:

  • 360-degree viewing angle
  • 23.88MP sensor
  • 3.5K video recording format
  • 6-axis electronic image stabilization
  • IP67 dust and water protection

Omnidirectional camera that sees the world like you see it
Due to a narrow field of view, most action cameras have “blind spots”. With MiJia 360° Panoramic Camera there is none. The camera has a thin and durable housing with two oppositely directed fish-eye lenses that allow to record 360-degree wide videos at a stunning 3.5K (3200×1800) resolution with no “blind spots”.

Merging images from two cameras to make a 7K photo
Two SONY IMX206 1/2.3-inch 12-megapixel sensors let you capture seamless high-quality images with a resolution of 6912 × 3456 pixels. The camera is designed to handle every scenery you use it for and will provide joyful and effortless shooting.,

Shooting 3.5K video becomes a favorite pastime
Owing to a high-performance Ambarella image processing chip each scene is seen by the two lenses in ideally similar colors allowing to create an unbreakable image with an almost invisible color transition.

MiJia 360° Panoramic Camera allows to get better panoramic videos with ease. If you seek an action cam that you could use both for traveling and business meetings this camcorder is great to go. You can record at a 3456 × 1728 resolution with 30fps or at a 2304 × 1152 resolution with 60fps.

Enjoy recording even when your hands shake
The camera is equipped with a 6-axis electronic stabilization system that reduces jitter and corrects the image. You skiing or bungee jumping will not end up in a blurry video as the camera will neutralize any harsh movement of your hand.

Capture the cityscapes at night on long exposure
Watch fast-moving cars or try capturing trails of stars in the night using a long exposure. Depending on the result you want to achieve choose between automatic and manual exposure settings that have different shutter speeds. Minimal exposure time this action cam provides is 8 frames per second.

Mi Panoramic App does magic to your videos*
Mi Panoramic App is an easy way to edit and post photos on your social media accounts. Share your panoramic pictures online and check out what other users of the App are shooting with MiJia 360° Panoramic Camera. You can also record a 10-, 20- or 30-second video using the App.

If you think that the video clip is too long or has some irrelevant information the App allows to get rid of the unnecessary parts clipping them out. Add background music to the video to create a special emotion around your “message” and make your video more interesting.

Gear up with VR glasses to get a full panoramic experience
Connect MiJia 360° Panoramic Camera to Mi VR Play and you will have a blast. Mi VR Play gives an opportunity to not only visit places that you may never get a chance to see in real life but also get back in time to a place or an event you were once a part of to relive it again.

Use the camera for a long time between charges
MiJia 360° Panoramic Camera packs a 1600mAh battery. Fully charged it can take 200 shots before it needs a recharge. Making HD videos and using Wi-Fi translates into 75 minutes of continuous footage. If you disable Wi-Fi you will be given 90 minutes for uninterrupted footage. This action cam supports QC2.0 Quick Charge and can also draw power from a powerbank.

MiJia 360 ° Panoramic Camera can withstand heat and cold
It is amazing how this cam can work under “abnormal” use that long without a recharge, or shoot in the lowest lighting conditions, or delicately handle abrupt movements of your hand. Above that it features IP67 protection which means that its housing is resistant to dust and splashes of water. Rain and exposure to direct sunlight will have zero effect on the device. The cam can also be used in an environment with temperature as low as −10 ℃ and as high as +45℃.

* Camera’s housing resistance to dust and water was tested under laboratory conditions. Keep in mind that due to everyday wear its ability to restrict water and dust particles can be inconsistent.

Could an action cam be more comfortable to carry?
MiJia 360° Panoramic Camera is only 12 mm thick. You can take it anywhere with you as it easily fits in your pocket and it can as easily be retrieved from the pocket in case you find something worth capturing at the moment.

The camera’s aluminum housing has a silky smooth texture so it is very comfortable to hold. Its commanding matte black color is soothing to the eyes.

MiJia 360° Panoramic Camera is one of the most powerful and one of the smallest action cameras created to capture your next adventure 360-degree wide!

  • Kaamera kinnitus: Spetsiaalne kinnitus
  • Režiimid: 30 kaadrit sekundis / 60 kaadrit sekundis
  • Ekraan: Ei
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