As many of you know, Xiaomi was behind the era of electric scooters, and their Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365 kicked off. The manufacturer now comes up with a new model of scooter, which is designed for undemanding riders.

The biggest upgrade occurred in the construction and design of the scooter. Also new is the indicator, which lights up in the event of automatic detection of a device fault.

On the display it is possible to monitor your speed in real time, the remaining percentage charge of the battery and other similar instant information.

Low weight and keeping compact dimensions

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the novelty is relatively light. It weighs 12,5 kg and retain a person weighing a maximum of 100 kg.

The material used is an aviation aluminum alloy, thanks to which it is Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential Lite quite a resilient companion.

The presence of 8,5-inch wheels with a durable surface, which reportedly does not wear out so quickly, can also be very pleasing.

The device also comes with double braking system, engine reverse braking capability, and battery recovery during braking.

The battery itself has a capacity of 5100 mAh (187 Wh) and is guaranteed by the manufacturer range 20 km. Compared to the original model of the scooter, it is a downgrade, which surprises us. The engine is standard power 250 W and the scooter is able to come out 10-step climb.

V Mi Home application In addition, you can view more information about your ride, including the ability to update the scooter's firmware. You will also find tutorials for beginners here.

Next up Mi Electric Scooter Essential Lite it also features a folding construction, anti-slip pattern and other safety features.