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Кровать для животных Myanimaly, белый/серый, 600x400 мм

Код товара: 908180

114,76 / шт.
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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

Тип продукта Подшипники и чашки
Бренд Myanimaly
Длина 600 мм
Ширина 400 мм
Высота 150 мм
Цвет Белый, Серый
Материал Дерево
Тип подшипника Коврик-подушка
Гарантия 24 месяц
Описание товара на английском языке:

Make your dog fall in love with luxury!

Dog owners love their pets so much that they want to provide them with a comfortable, dry place to sleep at home. As a rule, they look for such a dog bed that is not only functional, but also aesthetic. The MYANIMALY brand meets the highest expectations of customers; this is why the company has launched this original dog ottoman onto the market. It is a comfortable bed and a great place to rest.
The stable frame of the bed is made of high quality pine wood, covered with white paint. Due to the hardness of the wood, this dog bed has a naturally increased resistance to moisture. The product is designed with attention to the smallest details. The bed looks great and enhances the beauty of your home. The MYANIMALY wooden bed is not just a dog bed – it is a decorative element which matches the decor of every home.
The polyurethane foam mattress provides your dog with comfortable and convenient conditions for sleep. The grey mattress cover is made of a polyester upholstery fabric, which is very pleasant to touch and resembles suede. The material has high usability and it is resistant to scratching and tearing. It is also known for its durability, which means that your dog will use the bed for a long time. The external cover of the mattress has a zipper, so it can be removed easily and washed if needed. The MYANIMALY wooden stool is made with high quality materials from renowned European manufacturers.

MYANIMALY’s mission is to create the most luxurious, pleasant and comfortable living conditions for our four-legged friends. To meet the customers’ expectations, the brand offers a wide and constantly growing range of high-quality products and accessories for animals.
Your pet’s welfare is our priority, so during the production process we pay special attention to the quality of materials. Thanks to this, all accessories are made from carefully selected materials.
MYANIMALY treats pets not only as best friends, but also as close and loyal family members.
Dogs will love MYANIMALY’s wooden stool. It is a unique bed for our four-legged friends and it shines because of its original design, unique character and high comfort. The MYANIMALY product is a warm, safe and cosy shelter for your pet.
Another advantage of the bed is its simple construction, so that you can assemble it yourself. You need just a few minutes to build or disassemble the wooden frame. It is also easy to carry – you can keep it at home or move it outside when needed. Thanks to this, your dog can relax in a friendly and comfortable conditions even in the garden.
Assembly instruction and necessary tools are included.

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