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Пароочиститель Polti Moppy Black Premium

Код товара: 823667

147,76 / шт.
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Доставка курьером

Получите на дом бесплатно*. Доставим 27 сентября

Услуга курьерской доставки начиная от 5,99 €*. Доставка планируется 27 сентября.

* Стоимость доставки рассчитывается на базе платы за обслуживание и веса товара: 2.80 кг

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Доставка в почтовый автомат 1,89 €. Предполагаемая дата доставки 27 сентября.

Калькулятор рассрочки
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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

Общие характеристики

Тип продукта Пароочистительное оборудование
Бренд Polti
Цель применения Для пола
Модель Moppy Black Premium
Материал корпуса Алюминий, Пластик
Объем водяного бачка 0.7 л

Мощность и производительность

Чем больше мощность нагрева, тем эффективнее прибор будет работать и быстрее будет нагреваться находящаяся в нем жидкость.
1500 Вт
Источник питания Aккумулятор, От сети
Время нагревания 0.16 мин

Габариты, вес и цвет

Длина 390 мм
Ширина 90 мм
Высота 1250 мм
Вес 2.8 кг
Цвет Белый, Черный


Функция защиты от детей Нет
Длина провода 1.8 м
Набор 2 ткани из микрофибры. 2 ткани
Дополнительная информация Телескопическая рукоятка: 70 - 125 см
Гарантия 24 месяц

Видео материалы

Описание товара на английском языке:

Moppy Red soluzione per la pulizia con vapore e spazzolone senza filo - pulizia e igiene in 5 mosse

With Moppy 5 easy steps are enough to sanitize your home: cleaning has never been so quick and easy! Fill the tank with tap water and in just 10 seconds Moppy is ready. Steam the microfiber cloth on the base and clean: the hot steam-charged cloth retains and removes easily all dirt and bacteria. The cordless mop is agile and ultra-light, reaching the most inaccessible places with maximum comfort. Return to the base and steam the cloth again to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. * Keep cleaning freely without interruption.

Moppy Red soluzione per la pulizia con vapore e spazzolone senza filo - doppia efficacia contro germi e batteri

Easy and effective! With Moppy enjoy the new experience of cleanliness. Laboratory tests have confirmed Moppy’s double efficacy: it removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria from all surfaces and subsequently eliminates them thanks to the natural force of the steam. The green indicator light on the charging base clearly indicates the successful destruction of germs and bacteria and the sanitation of the cloth.

Moppy Red the final solution for steam cleaning and cordless mop - floors and vertical surfaces

With Moppy you can clean all kind of floors (tile, marble, parquet) and also vertical surfaces such as tiled walls, doors, cupboard doors,etc. In addition, the large size of the mop plate reduces the timing for a complete sanitation of the surface.

Moppy Red soluzione per la pulizia con vapore e spazzolone senza filo - leggero e maneggevole

Thanks to its ergonomic grip Moppy is lightweight and compact, easy to move using just one hand. Say goodbye to heavy buckets and water splash. The ultralight cordless mop in anodized aluminium guarantees maximum flexibility: the telescopic handle adjusts to the height of the user, while the 360° articulation and the wide and thin plate make it possible to reach the most hidden corners and clean even vertical surfaces easily. Moppy is safe for the whole family, because the emission of steam is activated only if the mop is correctly aligned on the charging base. During small breaks you can activate the stand-by position: park the mop on the base without aligning the steam activation indicators and fix the telescopic tube to the parking hook.

Moppy Red the final solution for steam cleaning and cordless mop - dries surfaces immediately

No more annoying streaks or "halos". With Moppy surfaces are quickly and evenly dry, thanks to the combined action of steam with the special microfiber cloths.

Moppy Red the final solution for steam cleaning and cordless mop - hands always clean and dry

To apply the microfiber cloth on Moppy’s cordless mop you don't have to bend or use your hands: just stand the mop’s plate directly onto the cloth to secure it. After cleaning, put your foot on the label and lift the mop to remove the dirty cloth

Moppy Red soluzione per la pulizia con vapore e spazzolone senza filo - proteggi l'ambiente

Moppy cleans with tap water that, turned into steam, sanitizes naturally without chemicals, protecting your health and the environment. Moreover, using Moppy you only need 0,7l of water to clean up to 250 square meters with a significant reduction in consumption compared to the amount of water required by traditional cleaning tools.

Moppy Red the final solution for steam cleaning and cordless mop - microfiber cloths

Moppy’s microfiber cloths have a high capacity to collect and retain dirt, germs and bacteria from all kinds of floors and vertical surfaces; indeed they are made from thin flexible and resistant filaments, characterized by a high absorbency and the ability to lift the dirt and trap it until machine washed.

Moppy Red the final solution for steam cleaning and cordless mop - dust-catching

Moppy captures also the dust thanks to the electrostatic cloths whose particular structure and thickness trap dust, hair, animal hair or cobwebs.Insert the dust–catching cloth on the corresponding buttons situated on the mop plate, over the microfiber cloth, and start dusting: the ultra-agile mop will reache even the most hidden corners and its large plate will help you clean up in a few wipes.

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