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Серверный шкаф Lanberg Wall-Mounted Rack 4U/570x600 WFFA-5604-10B

Код товара: 823695

128,75 / шт.
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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

Тип продукта Серверные шкафы
Бренд Lanberg
Вес 16 кг
Цвет Черный
Установка Устанавливается в стену
Максимальная нагрузка 60 кг
Количество полок 4
Разборный каркас Да
Дополнительная информация IP20 уровень прочности
The WFFA series, 4U, single-section, wall-mount, black, 570 x 600 mm cabinet, is the perfect solution for ICT network, cabling, and equipment implementation compliant with 19" RACK standard. This cabinet series is designed for use in every company, home, and low-current installations such as cable TV networks, alarm/fire systems, access control, and video surveillance (IP, Datacenter, and Big Data) solutions.The cabinet, utilizing the latest solutions, allows the implementation of networks according to the installation standards. It provides orderly and easy access to devices installed inside.Responsible for the structure of the cabinet, is an up-to-date and modernized sturdy frame.This networking product is equipped with a glazed front door with a tempered glass and side covers made of steel without latches. The product is designed for indoor use only.BRAND NEW DESIGN – MAGNIFICENTLY EXECUTEDThe WFFA series represents an entirely new quality and approach for the server cabinet market within the passive networking segment. The product has been completely redesigned based on the user's feedback, requirements, and comfort in mind.WFFA cabinet stands for a rugged structure made of cold-rolled steel and a great attention to details. In the new series of cabinets, the shipping boxes have been strengthened, and the matt surface paint has been improved. Furthermore, the number of screws required for assembly has been reduced, and the installation method has been changed - the screws are tightened only from the inside, and a part of the structure is fastened only using latches. All this makes the final product more unique.QUICK AND SIMPLE ASSEMBLYBy introducing the new WFFA (Fast Assembly) series, the manufacturer wants to address the expectations of IT installers, engineers, and integrators. With a meticulously designed structure, the cabinet allows self-assembly.What is more, it takes only a few minutes to fully construct it, all thanks to reducing the number of M6*12 mounting screws (that apply to the structure) to an absolute minimum (just 8). Combined, this makes putting together the new WFFA Rack cabinet very convenient and straightforward.EFFICIENT VENTILLATION - VENTS IN THE BOTTOM PANELThe WFFA series is also dedicated to those looking for cabinets capable of coping with more extreme In-Rack conditions without sacrificing functionality, aesthetics, and safety.The use of vents in both the top and bottom panels provides much better airflow and cooling, while the user gains even more control over the cabinet's temperature circulation.THE PERFECT SOLUTION - SCREWS TIGHTENED FROM THE INSIDEThe use of modern structural patterns made it possible to provide an aesthetic solution with all screws tightened from the inside. This way, you can be sure that the cabinet and all the elements will „fit like a glove”.The WFFA series finds applications, especially in places that are difficult to access, where the final assembly site is limited in terms of available space.More importantly, the modular lock (only 5 mm protruding from the outside) can be easily and quickly removed, providing even more precision in line with expectations.PUTTING TOGETHER MADE EASY AND PRECISEIn addition to attachment directly on the wall using expansion anchors (thus facilitating access to the mounting screws from the inside of the cabinet), the manufacturer has added a flat wall-mount rail and a mobile level with a magnet to each product to maximize the comfort and convenience of the user.With the included tools, you can quickly and easily fix your cabinet in the desired location, while always maintaining its ideal level.From now on, you do not have to worry about bringing additional equipment with you – Lanberg and WFFA series cabinets will take care of that for you.COMPLETE EQUIPMENTTo meet the increasingly growing expectations of the market, in addition to the WFFA cabinet, the manufacturer made sure that it is equipped with extra tools that will allow quick assembly, as well as the installation of additional equipment in 19" Rack standard.All mounting elements are in one flat, reinforced cardboard box, which makes transportation much easier. In that box you will find all necessary accessories, such as:Flat wall-mount rail,Mobile spirit level with a magnet, 4x mounting rails with "U" height indication,Front lock and a set of side locks (all factory-fitted in the door without latches),Set of 3 double keys (1x for front door, 2x for side door),10x M6*12 Phillips screws including M6 cage nuts.It is up to you to prepare only 4 plastic expansion anchors and 4 screws suited to the assumed overall weight of the cabinet and the diameter to the holes of the wall-mount rail, which is: 4 – ⌀ 10.A RELIABLE AND SAFE SOLUTIONThe highest quality of production and control of the product at various stages is our top priority, which we follow at all aspects of manufacturing, packaging, and transport.As a result, we guarantee full safety and technical reliability of our equipment – proven by numerous certificates and RoHS quality standards.Lanberg, as a trusted manufacturer and your business partner, provides a 5-year warranty on every WFFA series cabinet.BE SURE TO CHECK THE CURRENT LIST OF ACCESSORIES AT WWW.LANBERG.EULanberg is continuously expanding the list of available accessories for all its Rack series cabinets to help the end-user to adapt them to their needs. The current offer includes, among others:Shelves (universal, butt mounted, side, sliding), server chassis, brush panels, cable organizers, blank panels,In-Rack cooling accessories, ventilation panels, thermostats,Patch panels, keystones, PDUs, LED lightbars,Tools supporting assembly.Stay up-to-date and make sure to check the product page by clicking on this link before buying accessories, to select those that are fully compatible with your chosen cabinet model.
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