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ViceVersa Grater Mayday Green

Код товара: 392259

24,36 / шт.
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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

Тип продукта Треки с ручкой
Бренд ViceVersa
Цвет Зеленый
Материал Нержавеющая сталь
Гарантия 24 месяц
Дополнительная информация Высота: 21 см. Ширина: 11.6 см. Цвет: зеленый.
ViceVersa Grater Mayday Green
Описание товара на английском языке:

The MayDay grater knows no limits! Peel off resistant layers and get to the point with this top-notch grater. This simple accessory becomes critical when dealing with citrus fruits or cheese, meaning the MayDay grater is definitely your best bet. Featuring an ergonomic grip for a tight hold, this tool is an absolute must in the kitchen. Given its rubber ring around the bottom, the piece can even be placed on any sort of table without worrying about the table. This apparatus is versatile and may be used for different products since it is equipped with 3 different blades, all stainless steel along its 3 sides. The smallest holes will give you tasty bits of product, while bigger ones can make for tasty pieces of exotic fruits, such as pineapple, with a ton of other types of food that work well with this piece. The MayDay Grater is equipped with a modern, minimalist look. The device’s handle is made of ABS and is very convenient, perfect for holding while on the table to avoid injury from the sharp blades. Given its small size, the grater doesn’t take up much space and can be easily placed in the cupboard once it’s used. This appliance can be washed in the dishwasher at the end of its use, since the blades are unlikely to be damaged by cleaning products. The MayDay grater comes in a beautiful gift box, which holds the object. The grater will help you get the most out of your food, as every detail counts. Additionally, the attractive shape is rather easy on the eyes, so using it will add a spark of décor to your kitchen!
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