Silk'n SonicClean Men Only SCM1PE3001

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Täiendav info Elektriline pintsel naha puhastamiseks. Kaks seadet: vibratsioon või pulsatsioon kahe kiirusel. Saate kasutada duširuumis.


Silk'n SonicClean Men Only SCM1PE3001
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With SonicClean Men only, get rid of grime, sweat and impurities in 60 seconds? This sonic technology-powered electric facial cleansing brush effortlessly vibrates grime out of pores. The brush leaves your face perfectly clean, removes dead skin cells and gives your skin the energy boost it deserves. Also perfect for softening stubble before shaving, making it easier for your razor to glide across. Shower-proof means it is great for a quick daily cleanse under the shower. Give this smart gadget 60 seconds and see the difference! With its 2 settings it has a high versatility - this allows you to clean your skin at your desired setting as well as massage your skin to improve blood circulation.

  • Electric facial cleansing brush for flawlessly cleaning skin
  • Sonic technology removes dirt, sweat and impurities
  • Reduces coarse pores
  • Lift and soften stubble before shaving
  • Two settings: vibrating or pulsating at two speeds
  • Lasts for 120 sessions on average after one charging
  • 60-second auto shut-off timer
  • Shower-proof
  • Includes two regular microfibre brushes
  • Includes charging station; charge using product holder
  • Massages your skin

There are numerous good reasons. Washing your face with your hands using nothing but soap and water often fails to really deep cleanse pores, and impurities can build up. The result: a dull complexion with pimples, blackheads and other skin irritations.
Men's skin is different from women's. Our pores are coarser and we have facial hair. As annoying as it is, our skin produces twice as much sebum, causing it to be shinier and more vulnerable to impurities and acne.
In addition, lots of men experience bumps, cuts and redness after shaving. Basically, our skin is desperate for special attention. Why should we deprive it?!

Silk’n SonicClean Men Only cleans your skin flawlessly. The sonic technology does all the heavy lifting; all you have to do is guide it across your face. When you wash your face with your hands you only clean the surface. Meanwhile, this device vibrates grime from pores for a supremely cleaner result. Choose between two function modes: vibrating and pulsating.
In vibrating mode, the brush makes high-speed movements and is perfect for a thorough wake-up cleaning session in the morning.
In pulsating mode, the brush delivers pulsating massaging movements and feels relaxing after a long and tiring day at work. Each mode can be used at either low or high speed.

As you know, irritation from shaving is as annoying as it gets. Using SonicClean Men Only with your preferred cleanser (such as a facial gel cleanser or soap) softens coarse hairs and makes them easier to shave.
The device lifts the hairs, reducing the risk of ingrowing. Shaving is a lot more comfortable and results in less irritation.

The facial cleansing brush features a smart timer that automatically switches off the device after 60 seconds. This prevents skin irritations caused by extended facial cleaning sessions. You can clean each zone (forehead, left cheek, right cheek, nose, chin and neck) in 10 seconds. You'll be done in a flash!

We men like practical. Lots of men already shave in the shower, but now you can add cleaning your face. This device is completely shower-proof. After cleaning your face and shaving you'll step out of the shower invigorated!

Step 1:
wet your face with lukewarm water.

Step 2:
hold the brush under the tap and put facial cleanser on it.

Step 3:
move the brush across your face, working up a good foam.

Step 4:
rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat your face dry.

Step 5:
leave the bathroom with a big smile
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